Legal scholar and California AG Candidate John Eastman on Judge Walker's Ruling: "Are you kidding me?"


From an email sent out by John Eastman to his supporters Saturday afternoon:

"Attorney General Jerry Brown was again derelict in his duty, not only refusing to defend the initiative, but actively joining with Plaintiffs in the case to have it invalidated. That should be troubling no matter where you stand on the merits of the initiative. Short version of my view: I think Judge Walker is wrong on the law and gravely mistaken in his factual findings, particularly his claim that procreation has never had anything to do with marriage, that "gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage," and that heterosexual and homosexual couples are identical for all purposes relevant to marriage. The proponents of same-sex marriage are exuberant over those factual "findings", believing that the appellate courts will have to accept them as binding in the case. But those factual claims have such an Alice-in-Wonderful, "up is down" character to them that I think they will actually produce the opposite result in any sensible appellate court. Most judges I know are simply going to scratch their heads and say, "Are you kidding me?" when they read Judge Walker's opinion."

Prof. Eastman's views are circulated widely:

"As you might expect, my commentary was immediately picked up by the mainstream media, and I've been fielding phone calls from newspapers (AP, Reuters, Los Angeles TimesOrange County RegisterSan Francisco ChronicleSacramento Bee, etc.), doing radio interviews (Hugh Hewitt, NPR, KQED-San Francisco, etc.), and even appearing on several television programs (Channel 4 in Orange County on Wednesday, CNN last night, and the Conan Nolan show on NBC, set to air at 9:00 a.m. and 11:35 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday)."

Read Prof. Eastman’s FlashReport commentary on the ruling.

Watch Prof. Eastman on NBC Channel 4 in Los Angeles:

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