NCRegister Interviews NOM's New Chairman John Eastman


National Catholic Register:

Constitutional scholar John Eastman was just named chairman of the board for the National Organization for Marriage. A former dean of Chapman University Law School and the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, Eastman spoke with Register senior writer Tim Drake about the new appointment.

NCR: What expertise will you bring to the position?

Eastman: I’m a constitutional scholar and a former Supreme Court law clerk. I’ve been involved in some 60 cases before the high court, a number of which have focused on religious freedom, the 14th Amendment and equal protection. I have also been heavily involved in the structure of the Constitution regarding federal law vs. the states, and I’ve handled litigation on free speech and religious-liberties issues on behalf of clients. As the conflict between the homosexual agenda and freedom of conscience becomes more pronounced, that expertise is going to be very important.

NCR: Those fighting for traditional marriage can feel beaten down by the culture at large. Do you feel that victory for traditional marriage is possible?

Eastman: Evil will be with us always, and it requires constant vigilance to defeat. I look at it as a litigator and an educator. There will always be threats to institutions grounded in human nature by those who think human nature doesn’t define limits. We need to be involved in the immediate defense of threats against marriage, but also take a long-range view by educating the next generation about the importance of the issues we’re confronting.