Media Coverage of NOM's "You're Next!" Billboard Campaign


Our new campaign (part of the Let The People Vote movement) is already making waves across New York:

The Associated Press: "The National Organization for Marriage is using billboards to take a whack at the key state lawmakers who voted to legalize gay marriage in New York last summer. [...] They are legislators in partly conservative districts who the organization thinks can be defeated over their June vote. The National Organization for Marriage is taking credit for the defeat of David Weprin in his run for Congress from Queens after supporting gay marriage."

Wall Street Journal New York Politics blog: "An anti-gay-marriage group that takes credit for an upset victory over a Democratic congressional candidate in Queens last month is setting its sights on a handful of state legislators. The National Organization for Marriage, which spent about $50,000 on mailings and calls against David Weprin's bid for Congress, said Friday it's spending $40,000 on billboards taunting four state senators with the words "You're Next.'' As a state assemblyman, Mr. Weprin voted for New York's landmark gay-marriage bill, as did the four state senators, earlier this year."

NYDailyNews Daily Politics blog: "NOM (which is currently featuring a celebratory image of newly minted GOP Rep. Bob Turner on their website) is dumping $40,000 into another cycle of billboards targeting the quartet of Republicans who bucked the party line on the marriage issue: State Sens. James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald and Steve Saland."

Politics on the Hudson: "A national group that vehemently opposes same-sex marriage has launched a new billboard campaign against a group of senators who voted for the measure this year, part of a promise to spend $2 million to oust them from office."

Times-Union Capital Confidential: "They started a few weeks ago with a billboard blasting GOP Sen. Roy McDonald of Saratoga and now the National Organization for Marriage is launching their campaign against the other Republican senators who voted for gay marriage last June as well as Democrat Shirley Huntley, who flipped her vote late in the game."

Local WKBW 7 Eyewitness News: "The huge sign singles out republican senator Mark Grisanti and there are more just like it targeting other republican senators, who along with Grisanti, helped pass the same-sex marriage act."

Local WGRZ NBC 2: "The National Organization for Marriage (NOM),which strongly opposed New York legalizing same-sex marriage, paid for the billboard, part of its $2 million effort to defeat Senator Grisanti (R-60th) and other Republican lawmakers who broke with their ranks to help pass the bill. The billboard also references a special Web site created by NOM."

CBS New York: "The National Organization for Marriage has spent $40,000 on billboards, including for the one that will be by the Jamaica train station, with the words “You’re Next” to try to unseat four state senators who voted yes for the gay marriage bill. The billboard in Jamaica targets Sen. Shirley Huntley who represents that district.

WNYC The Empire: "Republican State Senator Jim Alesi is being targeted by billboards commissioned by an anti-gay marriage group in revenge for his vote last June, Rochester’s YNN is reporting. The group, the National Organization for Marriage, is targeting Alesi with billboards that mention his name and then warn, ominously, 'you’re next.'"

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