"I was in Favor of Gay Marriage Until Last Week"


A reader writes to the Poughkeepsie Journal in New York -- we don't agree with everything said, but we respect the honesty and courage it took to write this:

I was totally in support of Gay Marriage until last week. It was not the presenters of the Ring Makes a Difference that changed my mind, it was the responder/attackers that cause me to rethink my position. It appears that this is no longer a human rights issue for everyone, but more a human rights issue only for those who think that the wants of a few should be more important than the needs of the many.

Even though same sex married couples contend that their rights do not violate others, there are already lawsuits against agencies that will not allow a same sex couple to adopt a child. Why are these individuals trying to deny others of their religious freedom? Personally, I do not oppose same sex couples adopting; however, they should seek a non-religious adoption agency. Most of the same sex couples who are whining the most are white, upper middle class individuals who feel that everyone should accept their relationship as normalized and that if others do not, it is discriminatory.

I am sorry, there is nothing normal about a same sex couple having either a surrogate mother (maybe outsourced to India at the bargain rated of $15,000) or by insemination by a sperm donor so that the child has as many as 70 siblings. Doesn't a child have the right to have some sort of connection with their parent? Doesn't that parent have the right to be more than a commodity? No one is saying that 2 consenting adults can not love each other and a child. I also don't believe that these individuals should not be denied certain legal protections, but for them to demand that everyone must agree with them and seek to redefine marriage to suit their wants is not more important that other basic human rights such as to know a parent or to have food, shelter, healthcare, work and education.