Readers Ask Star Tribune To Be Fair During the Minnesota Marriage Debate


Several readers of the Minnesota Star Tribune are taking the newspaper to task for its bias on the marriage debate:

Who is to decide whether or not "the state is out of step" (editorial, Oct. 1)? No poll or vote taken here in Minnesota has broached this subject that I know of.

Until that happens, no one has the right to decide what the people of Minnesota are supporting or not supporting. After all, the "people" are the "state" in a democratic society.

The Catholic Church and other denominations are firmly against gay marriage and should have the same press coverage as those who support it. I would love to see a rebuttal by one of these organizations, in bold print, in order to have a fair debate on this subject.

Christians who hold to biblical truths should have the same voice as those who don't in our free society. It is not obvious to the Star Tribune that Christians are a majority of the state's population. This would definitely frighten those who desire to let the minority rule instead of the majority.

And another:

Our culture, specifically the family unit, is in grave danger of losing all sense of morality and emotional stability. The teaching of the Bible has been a steady source of wisdom for the families of our nation over the past 300 years.

We believe the Catholic Church and all Bible-teaching churches should stand up and speak boldly against same-sex marriages as taught by the Scriptures, and that the Star Tribune shouldn't use its editorial power to stand against it unless it plans to have an equally well-positioned editorial for the churches' involvement in the issue.

We aren't going to use this venue for our arguments, as they are long and well-thought-out, but rather we want to let you know that there are millions of us in this nation who are against same-sex marriages, and we will express our voices. Please don't try to silence us.