Anti-Marriage Radicals Attack Speaker Boehner on DOMA--Take Action Now!

I need you to thank a courageous politician today. Thank him for standing firm on marriage, despite coordinated attacks and vicious abuse being heaped on him by anti-marriage radicals.

House Speaker John Boehner and the House Republican leadership have been stalwart in their defense of marriage and the rule of law ever since President Obama declared war on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) last February.

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The attacks from the left have been simply outrageous. Delaware Senator Chris Coons went so far as to accuse Speaker Boehner of wasting taxpayer dollars, even declaring that "spending a dime [in defending DOMA] is beyond the pale."

As gay marriage advocates continue to file more lawsuits challenging DOMA, the cost of defending our nation's law has risen. And then they have the gall to claim those costs are Speaker Boehner's fault!

  • After President Obama refused to uphold his sworn duty to defend our laws...
  • After the Department of Justice spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars filing briefs against DOMA...
  • And even after the American people have spoken out time and time again in support of our marriage laws.

Enough is enough! Don't let radicals like Delaware Senator Chris Coons have the last word. As I write, they're gathering petition signatures to try to persuade Speaker Boehner to drop his defense of DOMA. But they can only succeed if we refuse to speak up.

Please take a moment to send Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership a message of appreciation today, and then forward this message to three friends. Thank Speaker Boehner for doing the right thing – defending marriage, upholding the rule of law, and giving the American people a voice in our nation's courts. Thank him for his courage, and urge him to stand strong against the attacks he is facing.

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Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage