Grisanti Attacks NOM For Criticizing His Taking Billionaires' Money For Betraying Voters


Buffalo News:

Grisanti called [NOM] "hypocritical" because, he said, it would have been donating to him had he voted against the [SSM] bill.

... Grisanti sought to portray the fundraiser as an afterthought. He said he had to be in New York for a hearing of his environmental conservation committee today, so he went down a day early for the event Bloomberg hosted.

... Asked if he thought there was a connection between his vote and the fundraiser, Grisanti said, "I don't know if there's a connection or not."

... "We already know that Sen. Grisanti lacks even a basic shred of integrity," said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage. He said Grisanti signed a vow in 2008 to oppose gay marriage rights and took his group's political donations that year.

"We're very confident that come next election, Sen. Grisanti won't be able to lie to the people anymore and vote against his own constituents because he'll no longer be serving as senator," Brown said today.

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