Grisanti Ignores Hundreds of Voters Who Showed Up in Buffalo To Protest His SSM Vote


Under media scrutiny for selling his vote and betraying his constituents, Sen. Grisanti said a very strange thing to the press:

State Senator Mark Grisanti: "To say 'you're next,' first of all I don't know what that means, second of all it was done by an organization that's based out of Utah, that pays no taxes in New York state, that doesn't care about Western New York whatsoever.

Huh? NOM has supporters in all fifty states, including New York. Just look at the hundreds of Western New Yorkers who showed up for out Let The People Vote Rally in Buffalo:

Sen. Grisanti -- these are New York taxpayers. These are your constituents.

These are the folks you betrayed in cashing in on your vote for gay marriage.