Readers Write in Support of NY Clerk Rose Marie Belforti


Two readers write to the Syracuse newspaper in support of NY Clerk Rosemarie Belforti after the paper's editors claim she was wrong to "defy" New York's SSM law:

A professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University Robert George recently stated: “There is no groundswell of public support for redefining marriage to include same-sex sexual partnerships.”

...Less than 5 percent of the population is now telling us that morality and history count for nothing in this debate.

The majority of Americans are being cowed into what German sociologist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann calls the “spiral of silence.”

Belforti, thank you for not being silent about an issue of conscience.

And another:

I recently read about town clerk Rose Marie Belforti in The New York Times and I am writing to you to show my support for her actions.

The United States is a great country because we are a melting pot of different religions, nationalities and traditions. Belforti did nothing wrong and should be commended for standing up for her beliefs. She is an inspiration and a role model that I have shared with my children, family and friends.

... This country needs more people like Rose Marie Belforti.