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They Sold You Out... And They Think They Can Get Away With It

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Six days ago, I issued a challenge, asking you to join me in standing up to Mayor Bloomberg and his Wall Street billionaire buddies who are using their money to buy GOP votes for same-sex marriage.

When Mayor Bloomberg raised $1 million in a single night as payback for Senators Alesi, Grisanti, McDonald, and Saland, I told you we needed your help.

I asked you to stand with us and help us gain 1,000 new donors and raise $100,000 in just 7 days, enabling us to:

  • Hold elected officials accountable for their votes—especially for their votes to radically redefine marriage earlier this year;

  • Thwart the plans of elite billionaires who think their wealth allows them to impose their own radical social agenda; and, most importantly,

  • Give the people of New York their right to vote on marriage, by putting a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman on the ballot.

We have one day left. One day to send a strong counter-message to the powerful forces arrayed against us: DON'T MESS WITH MARRIAGE!


Thank you to the hundreds who have already contributed thousands of dollars. But we need more to reach our goal.

If you haven't yet responded to this urgent request, please do so today. The amount is not important. What is important is that everyone receiving this email step up and say: "I'm committed to doing what I can to restore marriage and hold our politicians accountable for their broken promises."

Will you do that today? Click here to make your most generous gift—whether it's $5 or $500, your support is critical right now.

We don't have to match the millions being funneled to same-sex marriage supporters, but we must be in a position to reach out to voters and respond to false attacks.

If we don't stop them, these four Republican senators who betrayed marriage and lied to their constituents will take the money and run, ignoring the wishes of New York voters.

Help meet our goal and send a message to the multimillionaires who think they can force same-sex marriage on the nation. Please make your most generous gift of $1,000, $500, $100, or even $50 or $20 today.

Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian S. Brown
NOM PAC New York


P.S.: Gay marriage advocates are peddling a myth that the same-sex marriage debate is over in New York. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the thousands of New Yorkers marching in the streets showed earlier this year—not to mention the special election in NY-9 where voters elected a pro-marriage Republican for the first time in nearly a century. We can win, but only if we all step up and do our part. Please, make sure we have the means to continue both fighting and winning with your most generous contribution today.