New Hampshire to Focus on Bill to Repeal SSM


Congrats to Rep. Bates for making a difficult decision to unify the fight in NH:

State Rep. David Bates, the Windham Republican who also is sponsor of the repeal bill, told The Associated Press on Tuesday he wants to let the Legislature consider repealing the law enacted under Democrats two years ago before debating a constitutional change -- a process that would take longer to implement.

"The bill to change the meaning of marriage back to what it was in statute is well on its way," Bates said.

Bates said he did not want to risk having lawmakers choosing between two measures: the bill and a constitutional amendment.

"It would complicate the decision for legislators if there was another alternative out there," he said.

... The full House must vote on the bills early next year. If the House passes the repeal bill, it would go to the Senate. It takes a majority to pass bills. -- Associated Press