Ken Mehlman's New Meme Alert?


USAToday on the try, try, try again efforts to justify redefining marriage by using new message points:

A group of high-profile Democrats and Republicans who back legalizing gay marriage are calling on advocates to shift the focus on the issue from an argument about equal rights to promoting the value of commitment.

The "Commitment Campaign," which is spearheaded by the centrist Democrat group Third Way and will be publicly launched today, has won support from Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley, a Democrat; Rhode Island Gov.Lincoln Chafee, an independent and former Republican; former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican; and Ken Mehlman, former chairman of theRepublican National Committee.

... Charles Moran, chairman of the California Log Cabin Republicans, said there has been a "fundamental flaw" in the way that the lesbian, gay and transgender community has framed the issue in the past and has led to 31 straight defeats in ballot initiatives across the country. "This is a real radical way of changing the approach in communicating why gay marriage equality is important," said Moran, who supports the commitment campaign.