For New York Quarterback, Losing (His Wedding Ring) Is Not an Option


The New York Times with an uplifting story:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, married for nearly five and a half years, says he never removes his wedding band. Not when he clips his nails. Not when he changes diapers. Not when he slings footballs around the field on Sundays for the Buffalo Bills.

For Fitzpatrick, the conscious decision to wear his ring makes him something of an anomaly in the N.F.L., where most players — especially quarterbacks — opt to leave it in their lockers, fearful of injuring their hands or fingers. Fitzpatrick understands the hazards of his workplace, but he has a pragmatic reason for thinking he can ignore them: because he throws right-handed, wearing the ring on his opposite hand does not affect his performance.

“I haven’t seen a reason to take it off, I guess,” Fitzpatrick said in a telephone interview this week. “It stands for something. It’s not like I’m trying to throw a message in anybody’s face. It’s just a personal thing between me and my wife. It’s important for me not to take it off.”

... Tampa Bay’s quarterbacks coach, Alex Van Pelt, who was Fitzpatrick’s offensive coordinator in Buffalo in 2009, said he was not surprised about the ring.

“He’s just a loyal family guy, there’s no question,” Van Pelt said.

... As a reward for his superb season, the Bills last week signed Fitzpatrick to a six-year contract extension worth $59 million.