NOM Remains Committed to Vote on Marriage in Iowa Despite Special-Election Setback


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2011
Contact: Mary Beth Hutchins (703-683-5004 x.105)


Washington, DC - The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today pledged to continue its advocacy leadership in Iowa so that Iowans will have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage despite the defeat of a state Senate candidate it backed in a special election this week.

"Our goal in Iowa is to play a constructive role in ensuring that the people of Iowa have the right to vote on the definition of marriage and we intend to see that happen," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "The leadership of the state Senate has blocked a vote on marriage even though voters in 31 other states have enjoyed that right. We supported Cindy Golding in the 18th Senate District special election because she was committed to allowing a vote on marriage. While we are disappointed that she didn't win this tight election, we have no doubt that we will eventually prevail. Ultimately, democracy will not be denied in Iowa and the people will get their vote."

NOM joined with The Family Leader in supporting Golding over Democrat Liz Mathis in the November 8th special election in the 18th district. Mathis said she did not support allowing Iowans the right to vote on marriage, preferring to leave the decision to activist judges on the Iowa Supreme Court - three of whom were removed by voters when they stood for retention.

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