Why Did the New Yorker Reject This Gay Marriage Cover?


Don Surber at a Daily Mail blog writes:

The subject of gay marriage apparently has the editors of New Yorker uptight. W[h]ile New York state legislators debated gay marriage, the editors solicited artwork for a gay marriage cover — and promptly rejected one from R.Crumb, without explanation. Now, that takes a certain either arrogance or courage to turn down a cartoonist like R.Crumb. But I suppose he is used to fighting liberal cowardice, er, political correctness. R.Crumb said he will never submit another cartoon to New Yorker until it explains why it rejected his cover.

Nadja Sayej tracked down R.Crumb for the story. It is a lengthy interview, worth reading. This caught mine eye:

Do you think the New Yorker is homophobic?

I think it’s the opposite. The New Yorker is majorly politically correct, terrified of offending some gay person. I asked this gay friend of mine, Paul Morris, “If you saw this cover on the New Yorker, would you be offended?” He said, “I’d wanna hang it on my wall!”