Ed Whelan on Walker's Latest Outrage: Trying to Prevent his Opinion from being Reviewed


The latest news is that Judge Walker is suggesting that Prop 8 supporters do not have standing to appeal his ruling--in effect he is trying to prevent a higher court from even reviewing his opinion, which may not be surprising given how weak, extreme, and it turns out dishonest, his opinion is. Ed Whelan explains:

"Walker’s action screams for reversal by the Ninth Circuit. If that (alas, notoriously unreliable) court refuses to impose a stay pending appeal, then it will be up to the Supreme Court to, once again, put an end to Walker’s lawlessness—this time, I would think, unanimously. (Yes, I think that even those justices who may be inclined to invent a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage will be appalled by Walker’s disregard of precedents, his absurdly biased “factfinding,” and his effort to thwart meaningful appeal.)"

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