Gay marriage is now one step closer to reality - Help us fight back!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

We just launched a critical fundraising drive to SAVE the Defense of Marriage Act.

Because legislation that will destroy marriage as we know it is now on the move!

Please make one URGENT and GENEROUS gift to the National Organization for Marriage right away!

Remember, we are still in the midst of our million dollar matching campaign, so every dollar you donate will be matched and have twice the impact!


Just a few days ago, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act to the full Senate.

Marriage Supporter, this is the first time in history that federal legislation to redefine marriage has been passed out of committee.

Why is this happening now? Two reasons:

First, the anti-marriage politicians in Washington believe that YOU aren’t paying attention. They think you’re too involved in your plans for the Holidays to care about what they are doing.

Second, the deep-pocketed lobbyists with the Human Rights Campaign are making an unprecedented, well-funded push to shove this legislation onto President Obama’s desk, where he will sign it into law.

They have launched a brand new national video campaign with anti-marriage celebrities and politicians all demanding homosexual marriage "rights."

We must have your support. Please stand with us and fight back to protect DOMA!

Fight back with us by making your most generous contribution of $50, $100 or even $500 to NOM right now – every penny we receive in the next few days will be spent spreading our pro-marriage message and responding to the lies and smears coming from the anti-marriage radicals.

Marriage Supporter, it is vital that we stop this anti-marriage legislation dead in its tracks before Congress goes in to recess for the holidays.

NOM is your voice in Washington, and the ONLY national grassroots group in America solely dedicated to fighting and winning for marriage.

Together, we can prevent this. But you and I must act now to STOP Congress from repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and forcing gay marriage on the entire nation.

So please do your part to make this "Save DOMA" fundraising drive a success. Make one urgent, generous gift to NOM of $50 or more right now.


Thank you in advance.


Brian Brown

Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

PS: Marriage Supporter, the Human Rights Campaign takes in more than $30,000,000 per year, and they receive free help from their celebrity friends and the news media.

We at the National Organization for Marriage rely on you and caring individuals just like you all over America. And we are dedicating ourselves to an emergency effort to protect the Defense of Marriage Act. PLEASE HELP!

Your urgent gift of $50 or more right now is important. Thank you and God bless you!