UK Christian Institute: "Trans Lesbian Couple Marry After One Half Has Sex Change"


The Christian Institute:

Two divorced fathers who became a transsexual ‘lesbian’ couple have been allowed to legally marry after one of the men had a sex change operation.

Paul, 65, now known as Jenny-Anne Bishop, and Alan, 68, now named Elen Heart, initially divorced their wives and lived together as a gay couple.

They then both became transsexuals and lived as a ‘lesbian’ couple.

The two men, who between them have five adult children from their original marriages, lived together in Clwyd, Wales, for six years as transsexual ‘lesbians’.

In the UK same-sex couples cannot legally marry but Paul underwent a sex change operation last year.

Under the Gender Recognition Act a transsexual with a gender recognition certificate can marry according to their assumed sex.