NH Journal Discovers Powerful National Gay Groups Behind Push for SSM in New Hampshire


The New Hampshire Journal does the important legwork and accurately identifies the powerful centralized groups funding the push to redefine marriage:

The entire leadership of the controversial gay marriage advocacy group Standing Up for New Hampshire Families consists of lawyers and activists from New York City and Washington, DC, new documents obtained by NH Journal reveal. In fact, judging strictly from these organizational documents, the group has no connection to the Granite State whatsoever.

... “It’s as though they aren’t even pretending to be a grassroots group anymore,” one conservative activist told NH Journal.

None of the founders of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families has any apparent ties to the Granite State.

Mr. Rouse is the Field Director for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a powerful national gay marriage lobby. In 2008, Rouse urged gay donors to “target” New Hampshire because the “small state” has “national impact.”

Karin Quimby is also affiliated with HRC. She is the author of a text book titled “Queer Frontiers.”

Solomon and Wolfson are both affiliated with the national Freedom to Marry organization. Solomon’s writings make clear that he has little interest in New Hampshire. Instead he’s simply focused on a strategy to “win more states.”

Getman is an attorney with the Washington law firm Sandler, Reiff, Young & Lamb, P.C.

The Journal continues:

These disagreements [when national groups take over local ones] have resulted in certain facts leaking out to the public and the press; specifically, that the effort to pass gay marriage in 2009 was funded by out-of-state money and once it was successful the financiers disassociated with New Hampshire activists almost immediately. That success was costly in other ways, as well. Numerous state legislators who voted for gay marriage – many of who had once promised they would do no such thing – were voted out of office and replaced by pro-traditional marriage candidates.

It is unclear how both the caustic split in the gay marriage community and the recent revelation about its out-of-state origins will impact efforts to overturn the gay marriage law that the New Hampshire House is now considering.