NJ Family Policy Council Points Out Overwhelming Disinterest in Civil Unions Despite Lawsuits


Reacting to a recent court case attempting to overturn marriage, they write:

A few months back, same-sex couples filed suit in New Jersey, seeking to avoid the legislative process and force same-sex “marriage” on New Jersey through the courts. This month, Judge Linda Feinberg agreed to hear their case, but only on limited grounds. Since the state constitution does not grant same-sex couples a legal right to solemnize their relationships as “marriages,” she rejected the claim that New Jersey’s same-sex couples are being denied a civil right. The case will now proceed on the grounds of whether New Jersey’s civil union law fails to provide benefits equal with marriage.

For the 57% of New Jerseyans who do not wish to see marriage eviscerated and redefined in law, Judge Feinberg’s ruling is encouraging for several reasons. Only 2.2% of New Jersey’s estimated 245,100 homosexuals have entered into civil unions since they became available in 2006. In five years, only fifteen of those 5,447 couples have filed complaints with the state’s Civil Rights Commission to claim that civil unions are unequal to marriage, and twelve of those have been resolved. So three couples are still unhappy, which means six people in New Jersey might have grounds to argue that civil unions are unequal. The rest of the homosexual population remains uninterested in entering civil unions themselves. Thus, the homosexual activists must meet a very high threshold to prove that civil unions are not carrying out the Legislature’s intentions.