Stand With Carrie!


You've heard the news: Miss California USA pageant official Keith Lewis fired Carrie Prejean. Hollywood is doing a tribal war dance. We're appalled. We're outraged. But we are not worried about Carrie.

Keith Lewis also admitted on national television that he didn't even pick up the phone and call Carrie to tell her before he alerted the media. What kind of boss acts like that? It tells you everything you need to know about who was acting in bad faith here.

Carrie Prejean was asked a question: Do you support gay marriage? She answered honestly—like millions of others in California and across this great country: No. Of course not.

From that day forward the attacks have been unremitting.

First they attacked her, then they tried to get her to recant, then they threw mud at her, now they fired her and continue to besmear and besmirch her. Pageant officials like Keith Lewis claim they want to move on and yet they are going on national TV to attack her, her lawyer, and even her pastor!

What kind of people act like this?

Of course Carrie isn't perfect, but she is honest, courageous and strong in standing up for the truth about marriage. She's being attacked not for anything she ever did wrong but for one great thing she did right! And she's not the only one. Thousands of decent, honorable, law-abiding, good Americans are facing attacks because they, like Carrie, have the courage to speak truth to power, to stand for God's truth about marriage.

So here's my message to Carrie: Congratulations. Free at last. Free at last. Free at last to craft your own mission and message. God has a plan for you Carrie and we look forward to watching and applauding the next stage in your journey towards Christ.

And here's my message for you: Help us get the message out!

Carrie's new website,, was launched today. Please take a minute to visit her site, and then send a message to five of your friends.

By now, you've probably seen our TV ad highlighting the venom that has been directed at Carrie, and that generated so much attention 6 weeks ago. (Click here to watch the ad.) This ad has already been wildly successful, reaching millions with its poignant message, and yet there's more work to be done!

Same-sex marriage isn't just about two people living as they please, but about whether a large majority of Americans are going to be marginalized as bigots by a group of elites determined to force their new vision of marriage on the entire nation.

Will you help us get this message out today? With your help, we'll expand our ad buys into new markets, increase our online outreach, and together reach our goal of "two million for marriage."

But we can't do it without your help. Please use this hyperlink to make a generous donation right now.

Thank you for standing with us. And please be thinking about two or three friends you could invite to join us as we work to save marriage.