Bishop Harry Jackson: “Don’t be intimidated: Stand UP!”


What is happening is a minority -- just like we’re hearing now -- is attempting to impose its will on the majority. Never mind sobriety, never mind what you would call just common decency or courtesy. Never mind what’s right and just. Whatever way they can get in, that’ what they want to do., and I’m here to tell you that this kind of injustice is not going to be tolerated.

A small minority with a lot of money is basically saying to the rest of us, you sit down, shut up, your opinion doesn’t count. It’s just not true.

[My father moved his family to Washington DC in 1954 after being threatened for participating in the civil rights movement.] I believe where we are today is the same situation. A minority is imposing its will. They are willing to threaten us. They’re willing to talk down to us. They’re trying to intimidate us, and I’m here to tell you: Don’t be intimidated. Stand up.

I’m here to tell you that all they’re doing is acting like the bullies that I grew up with in the ghetto. You know what I’m talking about. . . . But we’re going to overcome, we’re going to take this battle all the way to the Supreme Court, and we are going to win. Yes, we are going to win.

Let me make this real plain: What we have to do now is to deal with the fact that the same-sex marriage proponents have manipulated the process. They’ve paid all this money to these politicians, and we’re going to have to play musical chairs and snatch some chairs out from under some politicians and let them know there are consequences to immoral and corrupt actions.

I have one last thing to tell you. I appreciate your heart. . . . that you’ve come out here on a day like today. I applaud you for coming forth. But you come as a remnant, meaning you represent all the people that believe in traditional marriage all around this region. And your opponents will try to say it’s not enough. . . . They’re trying to shout you  down. But if they weren’t afraid of you, they would ignore you. . . .  Their presence confirms their fear, and it ought to energize you. You gotta stand up. Spend money, support candidates. We gotta make a difference. I n the next 18 months, if we do what we have to do, the people of the District are going to get the right to vote.  . . .

Let freedom ring from Sacramento, California to the hallowed halls of the court in Boston, Massachusetts. Let freedom ring in Washington, DC. Let freedom ring in Maine. Let freedom ring from the high mountains to the low valleys and all the places in between. Let freedom ring as we go to the polls this fall and let our voices be heard!