Australian Feminist Argues "Death of Marriage the Path to Equality"


Meagan Tyler argues for skipping the redefining marriage step and suggests deconstructing marriage entirely:

The big problem with marriage equality is that it's an oxymoron.

While the phrase has become a rallying cry for those in favour of making same-sex marriage legal, it ignores the way marriage functions as an institution. In the West, marriage is an institution fundamentally grounded in inequality.

In Australia, a mix of homophobia, religion and conservative politics have necessitated the 'marriage equality' position. It tries to move the debate beyond what marriage is, or should be, to a simple request that everyone should have the same access to it.

... The institution of marriage, which feminists and gay rights activists alike derided and decried in the 1970s, is now being held up as the epitome of love and all that is right with the world. Libertarians, who would normally baulk at any state intervention in private matters, are busy talking about the right of individuals to invite the state into their most intimate affairs.

... Opting out of marriage altogether will provide a quicker path to progress, as only the death of marriage can bring about the dawn of equality for all. -- The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)