A "Bad Catholic" Case Against SSM?


Marc Barnes who writes the "Bad Catholic" blog at posts an essay on why he opposes SSM in response to a viral video of a college student who loves his two moms. He begins:

My first reaction is one of happiness. The fact that this individual came out healthier and happier and seemingly much more normal than most human beings deserves some thanksgiving. After all, his family scenario isn’t the likely scenario within the gay community. First of all, few gay relationships achieve the longevity of heterosexual relationships. Not to say that anybody’s doing great at the “maintaining relationships” thing, but the gay community is doing particularly terribly.

He concludes:

... I don’t point out all this to condemn, only to show that speech given was essentially an emotional appeal based on a singular example. Zach Wahls says there exists no difference between homosexual marriages and heterosexual marriages. Statistics say otherwise. Choose now whom you will believe. Given our current level of rationality and thought, I’ve no doubt the video — at over a million views now — will convert many compassionate, well-intentioned young people to the cause. But it is false advertising, and I — though I wish for the sake of the children of gay marriages that I could  – simply don’t buy it.