Gov. Cuomo Mocks Marriage Supporters, Misrepresents Their Arguments to GQ Magazine


As part of Governor Cuomo's victory lap for redefining marriage, he sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine, where he proceeds to mock supporters of marriage and mischaracterizes their arguments for preserving our marriage tradition:

GQ: And you got the [marriage equality] activists to work together—

Andrew Cuomo: Yeah. Because they were a fractured group. But I mean, you look at the injustice of the issue. [switches voices, mimicking the opposition] "You can't get married if you're gay." Why? "Well, because you're gay." And? "And, well, you can't make babies." That's the argument. Oh, really? So then we should change the law to say, "Only people who can and want to make babies can get married." So an infertile man can't. A woman who can't, she can't get married. People who don't want to make a baby, they can't get married. So let's change the law so it says, "Only people who can and will make babies." "Well, we don't want to do that. You can get married if you don't want to make a baby or if you can't--except if you're gay!" There's no logic.

Hat tip: HuffPo