Emmer: Hamline U. Guilty of "Political Bigotry"


Jim Bonilla, Hamline University's consultant on diversity in higher education and founding director of their "Race, Gender, & Beyond" program confirmed Emmer's charge that Hamline refuses to let him teach there because he supported the Minnesota Marriage Amendment:

For [Jim] Bonilla, listed on the school's website as a consultant on diversity in higher education and the founding director of Hamline's "Race, Gender & Beyond" program, there is a business case and a social justice case to be made against Emmer.

... hiring someone stridently opposed to gay rights goes against the school's ethic of nondiscrimination and works against training the staff does on creating safe spaces for gay and lesbian students, Bonilla said.

"That would be money wasted," he said. -- Pioneer Press

Hamline is a private university, which states its mission is rooted in United Methodist values, according to their website.

The United Methodist Church, by the way, supports laws defining marriage as one man and one woman.