A Santorum Surge?


A snapshot of what the press is noticing:

Ben Smith of Politico: "A Super PAC backing Rick Santorum is spending some real money -- $200,000 -- to boost the hardest working man in lesser candidacy, making the straightforward case to conservatives that he's the one they can trust." [watch video here]

Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post: "A state party operative calls Santorum’s ground game “real, but it’s quiet.” He pegs Santorum’s support in the “low to mid-teens.” Well, ifthat is the case he could move up into the top few spots, becoming the “surprise” story that really wasn’t a surprise."

Des Moines Register blog: "The campaign of former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum has sent a direct-mail piece of political to 60,000 households of likely Iowa caucusgoers in an effort to bolster his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. The piece touts the premise that Santorum won’t “surrender” on issues important to social conservatives."

The Iowa Republican: "Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum released his first Iowa statewide TV advertisement, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” focusing on Senator Santorum’s commitment to traditional American values, his successes in fighting for conservative causes, and his commitment to protect America. This advertisement will begin airing across Iowa on Thursday." [watch video here]

David Catenese of Politico: "...Santorum has built up a committed base of voters who appear genuinely flattered by his willingness to visit and appeal across Iowa — to the point that he was introduced at an event Monday as the state’s “third senator.” Now, he says these people are on the verge of delivering a showing in the Iowa caucuses as surprising as his fourth-place finish in the Ames Straw Poll in August, proving that the fluctuations in the race have overlooked the core of support he’s built.