Mom: Son Kicked Out of Class Over Views on Gays


Gannett News Service:

A woman has filed a federal lawsuit against her school district and a high school teacher for kicking her son out of class because her son’s religious beliefs prevent him from accepting homosexuality.

The Thomas More Law Center filed the lawsuit last week on behalf of Sandra Glowacki, a Catholic, who accused Howell Public School District and teacher Johnson McDowell of violating her son’s constitutional rights.

There was no immediate comment from the district or McDowell.

... When Daniel Glowacki asked McDowell why it was permissible to display the rainbow flag, which represents gay pride, McDowell asked him if he supported gays, the suit said. When Glowacki said his Catholic religion prohibited him from doing so, McDowell told Glowacki and another student who shared Glowacki’s views to leave class, the suit said.

The district suspended McDowell for one day without pay for violating district policy but eventually rescinded the penalty to settle a grievance he filed.