UK Telegraph Editors: Nick Clegg Fails to Understand Why Marriage Really Matters


The editors of the UK Telegraph on England's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, failing to understand why conservatives believe in defending marriage and family:

It is very easy to interpret Mr Clegg’s speech as an attack on one of the institutions that his Coalition partners most treasure: the traditional, nuclear family. He suggests that people “can be enslaved… by conformity”, and that those who think it is better for children to be raised in a traditional family are trying to take “a particular form of the family from the Fifties” and “preserve it in aspic”. He then attacks the notion of encouraging marriage via the tax system.

Yet Mr Clegg is wrong about the traditional, two-parent family, just as he is wrong about the motives of those who wish to preserve it. Proponents of marriage are not harking back to an outdated model of “suit-wearing, bread-winning dad and apron-ed, homemaking mother”, and it is condescending to caricature their views in that way. They simply believe that marriage is best for children, and for society – and the evidence supports them.