Village Voice: NOM is "Major Power Broker in Republican Primaries Across the Nation"


Steve Thrasher of The Village Voice (a gay news site in NYC) acknowledges the effectiveness of NOM and our supporters (and the importance of marriage to GOP voters).

Of course he thinks what we're doing to protect marriage is "bigotry" but we and our supporters are used to hearing this attack by now:

NOM has proven themselves as a major power broker in Republican primaries across the nation. They have gotten every major and a few minor Republican candidates -- Romney, Santorum, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, basically everyone except for Ron Paul -- to sign their pledge. They have successfully brought their brand of bigotry out from the fringe in state battles front and center to the heart of the Republican party.

Second, it's interesting how mainstream the demonization of same-sex marriage is being played in Iowa of all places, one of the handful of states where it's been legal for a few years now. The bigotry isn't being soft peddled or hidden. Rick Perry is advertising his bigotry as a sign that he's "strong." Bachmann is telling gays they do have the right to marry...people of the opposite sex. [...] Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts who once curried support from gay constituents, doesn't seem the slightest bit embarrassed to have signed NOM's pledge.