What do States Passing Same-Sex Unions Have in Common? Corrupt Legislatures & Bad Economies


A former son of Illinois (and former State Senator) says a heartfelt public goodbye to the State of Illinois over corruption, population loss (due to poor job creation), and high taxes (which he says go hand-in-hand).

Notice any other similarities between, say, New York and Illinois? Corrupt legislatures pass same-sex marriage/civil unions while claiming it is good for the economy:

Good Bye And Good Luck

As we leave Illinois for good, I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and wish all of you well. I am a lifelong son of the heartland and proud of it. After 60 years, I leave Illinois with a heavy heart. BUT enough is enough! The leaders of Illinois refuse to see we can’t continue going in the direction we are and expect people who have options to stay here. I remember when Illinois had 25 congressmen. In 2012 we will have 18. Compared to the rest of the country we have lost 1/4th of our population. Don’t blame the weather, because I love 4 seasons.

Illinois just sold still more bonds and our credit rating is so bad we pay higher interest rates than junk bonds! Junk Bonds! -- Godfather Politics