Santorum Surge? Dick Morris and Mike Huckabee Discuss


Popular political pundit Dick Morris sees Santorum surging:

All along, the Tea Party voters have yet to unite behind a single candidate. They still aren’t united, but in Iowa, there is evidence that Rick Santorum may be surging ahead.

... on the ground in Iowa, where it counts, Gingrich has gone through a gauntlet of $10 million of negative TV ads sponsored by Romney, Paul, and the others. Without funds to defend himself, he has seen his vote share drop. Ron Paul’s has risen, Bachmann’s has fallen, and Santorum has increased quickly.

... The former Pennsylvania Senator has been the also ran in the field, the Rodney (I get no respect) Dangerfield of the Republican primaries. But with the lack of poll numbers has come a lack of scrutiny. These days the spotlight can get too hot very quickly. Santorum, whose conservative record is as solid as they come, is benefiting from the fall of Gingrich in a way Bachmann seems unable to do.

Mike Huckabee thinks Iowa will go to Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, depending on the weather, but can also see Santorum over-performing:

If the weather is nice on Jan. 3 in Iowa, expect Mitt Romney to be the victor in the Republican presidential caucuses, but if the weather's lousy, Ron Paul's the man.

That's the prediction from 2008 Iowa GOP presidential caucuses victor Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and Fox News host who also predicted that Rick Santorum is the sleeper candidate in the first-in-the-nation nominating contest.

... while Iowa voters "are going to vote maybe their pocketbooks, they are not going to step over their pocket and vote against their core principles when it comes to the issue of life and marriage and others. And that's why some of these endorsements that Santorum has are pretty significant," Huckabee said.

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