NYPost Editors: Albany More Beholden to "Power Brokers" Than the People!


The New York Post vents its frustration at the un-democratic process to choose a replacement for disgraced ex-Senator Kruger -- Albany politics as usual, where the people don't have a real say:

Carl Kruger’s political corpse isn’t even cold yet, and already the fix is in as to who’ll get the best shot to replace him.

Kruger, a Brooklyn Democrat, pleaded guilty to corruption charges last week and resigned from the state Senate, leaving his seat up for grabs.

Party bosses swooped in like vultures.

... Fact is, New York has some of the nation’s most restrictive ballot-access laws, which enable party pooh-bahs to run a Friends & Family appointment system — while blocking challengers from ever getting their names before voters’ eyes.

... Let’s face it: Letting party bigwigs wield supreme nominating power serves no one but them. This time, notably, instead of Crowley, it’ll be Assemblyman Vito Lopez and the Brooklyn machine he runs that bless Fidler for the Dems.

... Outsiders need not apply.

Why should they? They’d have to overcome insurmountable petition-signature requirements and arcane legalistic rules meant precisely to keep them off the ballot.

No wonder Kruger-style corruption pervades New York politics: “Elected” officials owe their jobs more to the power brokers who install them than to actual voters.