NRO's Rich Lowry on the Santorum Surge


Rich Lowry of National Review Online on a new poll finding Santorum in 3rd place:

This could be huge for Santorum. I’m guessing people in Iowa like what he says, but needed permission to support him in the form of some assurance that their votes wouldn’t be wasted. If he’s trending upwards in the polls, they get that permission. As John McCormack pointed out in his nice piece on Santorum in The Weekly Standard, he’s not perfect; he has the liabilities of a Bush-era member of the Senate Republican leadership. But our friend Quin Hillyer, who’s been banging the drums for Santorum for about a year, had this post in the Corner a few weeks ago that makes the case for his record.
Also, see Lowry's latest column: "Santorum's First Look"