NY Daily News: Bob Vander Plaats Hits Hard for Santorum in Iowa Caucuses


New York Daily News Daily Politics blog:

“I am going to try to make the closing argument that Santorum not only has the core values and economic plan needed, but that he can beat Obama - and the proof is that he defeated three incumbent Democrats,” he added.

...“I will be Rick Santorum’s surrogate,” Vander Plaats said, with a five-minute speech that hits hard on Santorum having the best record in terms of being pro-life, against an interventionist court and a vocal proponent of marriage reserved for between a man and a woman.

“He has the values – and with a strong showing in Iowa lots of donors who have been sitting on the fence will make a decision for an alternative to Romney who can defeat Barack Obama,” he said. “With some 41 percent of caucus-goers still undecided, this is the time to make a closing argument, and nothing succeeds like success, and Santorum has the momentum now.”

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