ADF: Media Spins Santorum Debate to Make Marriage Support Appear Politically Unpopular


The Alliance Defense Fund weighs-in on the question if Santorum's vigorous defense of marriage will help or hurt him among GOP primary voters:

Pro marriage voters in Iowa are largely responsible for Santorum’s catapult to front runner status. Marriage amendments have passed in every state where voters have had opportunity to decide. Honest poll questions show most Americans continue to support the traditional definition of marriage. Nevertheless, the media is trying to make it appear politically unpopular to support the traditional definition of marriage. See, e.g., Rick Santorum compares gay marriage to polygamy. Will that help him with GOP? : “Rick Santorum, who was speaking to college Republicans in New Hampshire, was loudly booed. While GOP voters have consistently opposed gay marriage, a majority of Americans now disagree . . . ”

ABC News: Rick Santorum in the Hot Seat Again for Gay Marriage Stance “Rick Santorum jeered after comparing gay marriage to polygamy”: “Are we saying everyone should have the right to marry? So anyone can marry anyone else?” Santorum asked, according to a video by NBC News. “So anybody can marry several people?”