Gary Bauer Campaigns For Santorum in South Carolina


ABC News reports:

At Stax Restaurant, where the fundraiser was held, he was endorsed by Christian conservative leader Gary Bauer. Bauer lauded Santorum saying since he worked for Ronald Reagan he “gave up on the idea that I would ever find another Ronald Reagan.”

“Then over the last year or so, I’ve known Sen. Santorum for a while and I’ve liked him, I’ve watched him in the debates. I’ve watched him take a stand on things that other people wouldn’t take a stand on, but over the last year I’ve watched him as he’s gone out among the American people to talk about how to make this country a shining city upon a hill again,” Bauer said. “And suddenly I listened to him and I realized that the next Ronald Reagan was standing in front of me this whole time and I just hadn’t been paying much attention.”

Despite Santorum’s consistent campaign trail comparisons of himself and Reagan he said he “shrink(s) from that to be compared with Ronald Reagan because he was my hero.”