Wyoming SS Lawsuit Vexes Gay Marriage Advocates


All the media attention is focused on the 9th Circuit but the 10th Circuit now has two similar gay marriage cases headed the Supreme Court's way.  The LGBT community is worried. Marriage suit vexes gay-rights activists:

CHEYENNE — Many gay-rights activists are fuming over a new federal lawsuit challenging Wyoming’s ban on same-sex marriage, saying it’s legally dubious and could undo years of political efforts on a variety of gay-rights issues.

The lawsuit, filed Aug. 13 by Cheyenne residents David Shupe-Roderick and Ryan W. Dupree, is likely the first court case to contest Wyoming’s definition of marriage as being a contract solely “between a male and a female person.”

But Wyoming’s gay-rights activists and supporters, who were blindsided by news of the lawsuit, say the suit isn’t likely to accomplish anything. And some fear that the case could galvanize the state against gay rights in general. . . .