New Hampshire Resident: We Never Asked for Gay Marriage in the First Place


A New Hampshire resident writes the Nashua Telegraph calling them out for editorial bias:

I was saddened to read your Dec. 28 editorial (“Gay-marriage law assault perplexing”). Rarely have I seen an editorial go so far out of its way to ignore the facts about New Hampshire’s gay-marriage law.

The notion that efforts to restore traditional marriage exist only because “conservative Republicans were emboldened by their landslide victory in 2010” completely ignores the fact that voters never asked for gay marriage in the first place.

I’d bet I’m not alone in wondering where your rant against this “distraction” and “social engineering” was when gay marriage activists and liberal legislators put gay marriage ahead of the economy in 2009?

Editorial elites at The Telegraph didn’t call the 2009 push to enact gay marriage a distraction when New Hampshire’s economy was in shambles, so why now?