Florida Christian Family Coalition: Reclaim Religious Equality!


Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse wants to "take back the rainbow." The Florida Christian Family Coalition is taking back the words "equality", "human rights" and "social justice":

Today, the Christian Family Coalition, (CFC), Florida's tireless human rights and social justice organization announced its legislative priorities for the upcoming 2012 statewide legislative session in Tallahassee.

"During the 2012 statewide legislative session our priorities include restoring religious equality in our schools and women's rights.

Currently, children of faith in Florida are not allowed to express their beliefs in school during non-compulsory events, at a time where all forms of public expression are tolerated and even celebrated, religious speech should be no exception, this form of discrimination is not acceptable.

This is a bipartisan issue and a matter of basic fairness for all children of faith, that is why we applaud Democratic State Senator Gary Siplin and Republican State Representative Charles Van Zant for courageously filing Senate Bill 98 and House Bill 317, respectively, to restore religious equality in our schools."