Annoyance as Gay Marriage Activists Attempt to Hijack Australian Open


Almost 75% of almost 3,000 online respondents said gay marriage activists ought not to be protesting the Australian Open over tennis champion Margaret's Court views on marriage, according to the Herald Sun:

Gay rights activists plan to storm the Australian Open in protest at anti-gay comments by Australian tennis champion Margaret Court.

Activists plan to inundate Margaret Court Arena and raise hundreds of rainbow flags. Thousands of supporters have already backed the protest.

Protest co-ordinator Doug Pollard urged people to wear rainbow colours to the event each day.

... Australian Sex Party president Fiona Patten said the Australian Open was a great platform to promote tolerance.

"Hopefully this sends the message that the majority of the community believe everybody should be treated equally," she said.

But the Australian Christian Lobby urged a rethink.

"Margaret Court has never sought to use either her status or this event to politicise her views, or even publicise them, instead the gay activists have, and with unbelievable vitriol," managing director Jim Wallace said.

Court, who made comments last month opposing gay marriage, will head to the open next week and said she had no reservations about attending despite the uproar.