Billie Jean King: "I'm For SSM, But Not Against Margaret Court"


Billie Jean King, who dines with Margaret Court every year at Wimbledon, unsurprisingly comes out for gay marriage but perhaps more surprisingly says she respects and remains friends with Margaret Court.

King also asks this question:

"But I would like for people to think about this in reverse? If we controlled the world and the straight people didn't have the rights, how would they feel?" King said. "How would they think? I don't think they'll come up with a good answer. What if overnight you're straight, and you're in the position we are. I always try to do that with every issue, but it's a no brainer if you reverse it what the right answer is." --The Desert Sun

A new way to look at things? What would you say to her argument? If the situation were reversed and 98 percent of the world were gay, would opposite-sex marriage be obvious? (Or would marriage and the human race not exist??)