ALL HANDS ON DECK!! Time to Stop Gay Marriage in Washington!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

We've seen it happen time and time again: gay marriage activists believe that victory is in their grasp, and then a last minute surge of you and our pro-marriage heroes pull off a last-minute victory to protect marriage.

We need you to be part of that surge today.

Please, stop what you are doing and immediately contact your representatives in Olympia and tell them to vote NO on same-sex marriage:

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Use this link to take action now!

Washington State already has domestic partnerships that give same-sex partners all the legal benefits of marriage. This new legislation isn't about rights or benefits; this is about redefining and destroying marriage for everyone. And it's about attacking good people like you who believe in our marriage tradition.

Please use the links in this message to take action, then forward this message to five friends and family today, and come to the hearings at the Capitol in Olympia next Monday (details below).

The Editors of the Washington Olympian recently made an excellent point:

"Our fear at this point is that the contentious marriage debate will distract lawmakers who have only 60-days to balance a state operating budget that's $1.5 billion out of alignment. That must be the top priority."

We couldn't agree more that legislators in Washington have their priorities backward. We need you to help us demand they stop attacking marriage and focus on getting their fiscal house in order instead:

Take Action Now

Use this link to take action now!

After you've contacted your legislators, please make a special effort to attend the public hearing this Monday. If you've read this far I'm confident you care enough about marriage to stand up for it when it is currently under attack.

Bring your family and members of your Church with you to the hearing. It is always easier to stand together than to stand alone, after all. But the most important thing is to stand!

Whatever you can do, please do it and ask others to join you.

  1. Click here to look up phone numbers for your state senator and representative.
  2. Click here to send your legislators an email today.
  3. Then come to Olympia on Monday to attend the hearing.
  4. Consider other creative ways to support marriage, including writing to your local paper.


The hearing begins at 10am, and while the hearing room is small, and only a few of you will be able to get in, your presence will send a loud and clear message to our elected officials about how the people who voted them into office in the first place feel about marriage. Please show up no later than 9am as the hearing will be heavily attended.

Senate Government Operations Committee
Monday, January 23rd at 10:00 am (come early!)
John A Cherberg Building
Senate Hearing Room 2
Click here for directions and parking information (PDF)

Please know that you are not alone. There is a huge amount of activity happening across various grassroots organizations to ensure that marriage is protected in Washington no matter what.

And we know these efforts have the absolute best chance of succeeding if all of us step up and tell politicians in Olympia: "Don't Mess with Marriage!" and let them know we're not going anywhere. We will always fight to protect marriage.

In the time you've read this email you could have already contacted your legislator. Please go that crucial extra mile and do so right now!

Take Action Now

Use this link to take action now!

Thank you so very much! We will continue to keep you up to date on the latest news and developments.

Until then, faithfully,

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