Liberty Counsel on Student's Opinion Column Censored for Promoting Natural Adoption


The Liberty Counsel:

Shawano, WI – School officials at Shawano High School needlessly censored and apologized for a 15-year-old’s op-ed article supporting natural mother-father adoption. It was a part of an editorial page which presented both viewpoints, each articulated by students. After the school newspaper was published in the local town paper, a homosexual in the community complained to the school. School officials took immediate action and censored the article supporting natural adoption.

In its statement, the school “sincerely apologized” -- not for allowing the topic to begin with, but rather, for the Biblical viewpoint presented by one student. The school claimed that the censored article created a “negative environment.” Liberty Counsel believes that school officials have violated the First Amendment protections of both free expression and religious freedom. It is acceptable for school officials to render entire topics off limits, but once they allow a topic to be addressed, they may not dictate which opinions are allowed and which are not. For the school to apologize for and censor just one side of the argument sends a clear and biased message in favor of the other side. The school has thus sacrificed constitutional freedoms on the altar of political correctness.