WSJ: Battle Lines Are Drawn on Same-Sex Marriage


The Wall Street Journal:

... in an indication of how controversial the issue [of same-sex marriage] remains, several states are considering legislation to roll back gay-marriage rights or further enshrine laws that forbid gay marriage. North Carolina and Minnesota will have constitutional amendments on their ballots in November.

... Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, one of the leading groups opposing same-sex marriage, said that many of the polls indicating support for gay marriage ask leading questions about whether same-sex marriage should be illegal, suggesting punishment by the state.

"The American people oppose same-sex marriage. That has not changed," he said. He said his group would spend roughly $15 million to $20 million this year fighting same-sex marriage, including in Maine, as it did in 2009, when it helped overturn a gay-marriage law.

... Voters in North Carolina and Minnesota, which don't allow gay marriage, will vote on whether to place an opposite-sex definition of marriage in their constitutions. In New Hampshire, the Republican-controlled legislature is preparing to vote on a bill to repeal the state's gay-marriage law, which the previous, Democrat-controlled legislature passed in 2009.

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