NY Redistricting Proposal Sidesteps Storobin Challenge for Ex-Sen. Kruger's Seat


The New York Daily News Politics blog:

If the new Senate redistricting lines are approved, it would render the upcoming March 20 special election to fill the Brooklyn seat of convicted ex-Sen. Carl Kruger practically meaningless.

That’s because the two candidates running, Democrat City Councilman Lew Fidler and Republican David Storobin would no longer live in the district under the plan. The two would be shifted out of the district as part of the creation of an Orthodox Jewish-heavy district centered in Borough Park.

Fidler, under the propposal, would reside in Senate Democratic Minority Leader John Sampson’s district while Storobin would share a district with Democratic Sen. Diane Savino, according to a city-based source.

"The special election is March 20 with two people running, neither of whom can represent the district once things are settled," a source said.

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