Superbowl Legend David Tyree On Supporting Marriage and Life After the NFL


USAToday Sports tells us where Superbowl legend David Tyree is now:

...The spectacular catch launched [Tryree] into various marketing opportunities and, more important for him, onto a pedestal to share his views. He co-wrote a book, More Than Just the Catch, in which he discussed his strong religious convictions. Tyree and his wife, Leilah, are the parents of six children they home-school in Wayne, N.J. The couple are working on another faith-based book that Tyree says "is going to challenge the core of our culture."

Last summer, he appeared in a video for the National Organization for Marriage. At the time, he said pending legislation of a gay marriage bill in New York would promote "anarchy" if passed. New York later legalized same-sex marriage.

Tyree was deluged with criticism.

"I don't value marketability — I value the honor of my God,'' he said. "When you talk about this being a (nation) where everybody is entitled to their opinion … (but) the moment you say something that goes against what is relevant to our culture, all of a sudden you are (called) a bigot. I got tons of flak, but I expected that."

You can watch Tyree's NOM interview (which has been viewed almost 70,000 times on YouTube) from last summer here: