Why It's a Bad Idea to Have a Baby with Some Dude you Met on Craigslist


And also how courts are bending over backwards to deny natural fathers rights if it interferes with lesbians moms’ wishes.

From ABC News:

Karen B., a Los Angeles writer in her 40s, found a sperm donor on Craigslist when [she] decided to have a baby that she would later raise with her lesbian partner.

"I tried every male friend, gay, straight, married and single, but it was really difficult to find somebody," said Karen. "I was running out of options and my biological clock was ticking."

After connecting on the Internet, she and the donor, Daniel C., signed a layman's agreement that the child would live with Karen and she would make all parenting decisions. He would have some visitation rights.

"I always wanted the baby to know the father," said Karen, who had originally intended to use a family friend's sperm until she discovered he was HIV positive.

But as the pregnancy progressed, Daniel interjected himself into the couple's life, telling the doctor he was Karen's husband, even though he was gay.

After the birth, Daniel insisted Karen get a passport for the boy, so he could visit his native Brazil. When she refused, Daniel sued her for joint legal and physical custody... The courts eventually ruled in favor of Karen, allowing the sperm donor to visit twice a month, but Daniel's involvement in her son's life has continued to be problematic...

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