Pulitzer Prize NYT Columnist: "Traditional Marriage" Has "Huge Beneficial Impact" on the Poor


Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times parts with his liberal brethren to acknowledge the importance of marriage for lifting individuals and societies out of cycles of poverty:

Liberals sometimes feel that it is narrow-minded to favor traditional marriage. Over time, my reporting on poverty has led me to disagree: Solid marriages have a huge beneficial impact on the lives of the poor (more so than in the lives of the middle class, who have more cushion when things go wrong).

One study of low-income delinquent young men in Boston found that one of the factors that had the greatest impact in turning them away from crime was marrying women they cared about. As Steven Pinker notes in his recent book, “The Better Angels of Our Nature”: “The idea that young men are civilized by women and marriage may seem as corny as Kansas in August, but it has become a commonplace of modern criminology.” -- The New York Times