Live from CPAC 2012!


NOM Co-founder Maggie Gallagher moderated a CPAC panel at 11:40 AM (EST) discussing "The Phony Divide Between Fiscal & Social Conservatives: Protecting Marriage as a Case Study". Joining her were be the following panelists:

  • Dr. John Eastman, Chairman, National Organization for Marriage; Henry Salvatori Professor, Chapman University School of Law
  • Phyllis Schlafly, Founder, Eagle Forum
  • Tim Goeglein, Vice President of External Relations, Focus on the Family
  • The Honorable David McIntosh, Former United States Representative

You can find more information about CPAC 2012 and archives of the live feed on the CPAC 2012 website.

Here is a photo of the packed ballroom (live updates below):

CPAC Ballroom During Marriage Panel


12:30PM: Panel concludes with applause.

12:25PM: Goeglein: Obama promised to transform America, and he said elections have consequences. We can summarize and conclude that in the history of the United States presidency we've never had a President who has more radically and intentionally savaged and attacked man-woman marriage, the dignity of every human life, and has begun to systematically redefine and therefore attack our basic religious liberties and consciences, and it's unacceptable.

12:20PM: McIntosh: Real America is a place where faith is respected, and family life is honored. All of which is threatened, including the institution of marriage. Our very Constitution is under attack. And I won't stand by and watch that happen.

12:15PM: Eastman: Judge Reinhardt tried to say there was no rational basis for defending marriage. To do so, he has to redefine it, from complementarity of the sexes, to being about the sexual choices of adults. Marriage becomes all about adults, and not about children. If marriage is no longer about children, what is it? This is a fight we have to have.

Marriage is an equation that makes sense: one man and one woman equals marriage and children. The narrative we have to write is: does the Supreme Court want play a role in destroying the institution which has been the bedrock of society since time immemorial?

Mr. Eastman's last words are also met with a standing ovation.

12:10PM: Eastman: Why not have marriage "open to everybody?" Well, what does marriage do? There's a false claim that defenders of Prop 8 entered no evidence for their claims. There were thousands of pages to document the simple fact that you need men and women to make babies. Marriage is founded in nature, and modified by civil society. The proponents of same-sex marriage entered into their evidence: that redefining marriage would transform it.

12:05PM: Goeglein: Social and economic conservatism go together. Alexis De Tocqueville came here in the 1830s and he made remarkable observations. He said: "There is certainly no country in the world where the tie of marriage is more respected or conjugal happiness is more worthily appreciated." What does that mean? It means that the response of those of us who are proudly conservatives is to categorically and unapologetically defend this division of roles rights and duties for what it is - the most important personal relationship we have, the relationship that binds a man and woman in marriage.

12:00PM: Goeglein: We're living in a values revolution. Marriage is the most important institution we have, period. The breakdown of the nuclear family is very expensive. Strong families equal a strong economy and a confident country. The family is the centerpiece of nurturing and preparing the rising generation of young Americas. What have we gotten for our $1 Trillion spent on welfare programs?

11:55AM: Shlafly: Our social policy threads throughout our tax code. Social policy costs us greatly on the fiscal side. Our income tax system has gradually devalued traditional marriage. Even Obamacare contains a "marriage penalty". If you care about our fiscal health, we must address the social problem of marriage absence. Social and fiscal issues cannot be separated! (Standing ovation.)

11:50AM: Schlafly: it's the absence of marriage that causes poverty. Social issues cause fiscal issues. Federal programs are guilty of fueling social decline. President Reagan said: "If we subsidize something, we get more of it." Why are we subsidizing social breakdown and the breakdown of families?

11:45AM: Maggie Gallagher introduces Phillips Schlafly, “one of the founding mothers of the conservative movement”. As well as Tim Goeglein, Hon. David McIntosh, and Prof. John Eastman.